Some Dos and Don’ts

I like this short list of dos and don’ts by David Brewer, of Media Helping Media. For instance Brewer points out that it’s not enough for businesses to embrace social media, they should treat it as if it was an absolutely normal part of the mix. Boasting about it is uncool, and makes you look as if you have only just discovered it. Similarly, don’t refer to it as ‘new media’ – it makes you look as if you are ‘old media’ and are lagging behind.

On the do side, Brewer suggests: ‘Embrace, hug and welcome back’:

‘Find ways of bringing the social network experience back into your news production process, and not just as a token nod and wink, but as a serious reflection of how both you and the audience are changing. Those tweeting may have taken your facts away with them to their preferred social networking space to discuss with their friends, but in doing so, they and their contacts will add their own value to the growing story. Be sure to invite them back, and find ways of sharing that enhanced understanding and feeding it back into the system so the richness of knowledge and experience and the diversity of perspectives is available for all.’

See the rest of the article here.

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