Social Media Leadership Forum grows

Into its second year now, and the Social Media Leadership Forum is continuing to grow dramatically.

Recently, the Camelot Group, Sage, nPower and Xstrata all joined the forum,  a growing private collaborative group of leading organisations who meet together to share insights into social media strategies and participate in discussions with experts.

Set up by ItsOpen, The Social Media Leadership Forum provides a fresh alternative to the usual dry ad hoc conferences and seminars which are typically dominated by agencies looking to impress potential prospects.

Content at typical trade show events is often shaped behind-the-scenes to satisfy sponsors and not to appeal to the genuine requirements of the audience. Or they are run by PR agencies, who, up until a short while ago, never mentioned social media, and are now desperate to assert their credentials in this space, as they feel they should, whilst still occupying deeply ingrained conventional media mindsets.

Technology is evolving fast and within this context, we feel that leading organisations need a different kind of format to help them learn about the vexing challenges that the rise of the social web presents. We believe it is important to provide a different kind of innovative platform from which leading organisations can build and develop their knowledge to compete successfully.

We are grateful for the excellent support we have received from all the forward-thinking members of the Social Media Leadership Forum and are looking forward to the next stage in the programme which we are developing in collaboration with our members.

If you are forward-thinking and work for a leading organisation and want to gain valuable insights from your peers into social media and directly from experts like Google and Facebook, who have participated in recent sessions, then please get in touch with Simon Welsh () and he can provide you with membership details. It would be good to have you involved and sharing with other leading organisations.

At our last session, The Financial Times, Google and The BBC debated the impact of social media on news with members of the Social Media Leadership Forum. This is an excellent opportunity for you to contribute to, influence and shape the future direction of communications.

Seizing breakthrough opportunities comes from knowing what works today and what will work tomorrow.

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