Social media exposure increases search and click through rates

What happens when consumers are exposed to a brand in social media? It’s well established that search volume and click rates go up significantly for consumers exposed to search ads. But does the same happen when they see a brand mentioned on a social networking site?

The answer is a resounding yes, according to new research by  WPP’s GroupM Search. Consumers exposed to a brand’s social campaign, for instance watching a YouTube video or viewing the brand’s profile on Facebook, are 2.8 times more likely to go on and carry out a search for it, while click rates for such people are 50% higher than the norm.

The study also highlighted that social media users tend to be early adopters, and are more likely than other consumers to search for information online before buying.

GroupM Search’s CEO Chris Copeland says the research validates the belief that engagement with brand in social media, while not necessarily leading to direct sales, has long-term benefits.

This is exactly the kind of data that businesses need to make decisions about whether or not to invest in social media advertising. Copeland for one thinks it will encourage them to shift at least part of their spend there from other channels.

You can read about the research here.

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