Quick social media news round up

Found a few interesting stories this morning…

The Founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has issued a rare tackling privacy issues, but also stating his ambitions for Facebook. He is underlining the importance of creating a more ‘open’ world.

Stephen Fry is being cited as extremely savvy for using Twitter to build his brand in a post traditional media world…A lot more companies could be using Twitter smartly to build their brands but at the moment they are not really sure how to use the tool.

PR types are split on whether or not bloggers should be paid for favourable coverage. What would happen if reporters on the FT were revealed as accepting payments for favourable coverage? There would be an outcry. of course. How can people trust bloggers if they are being paid to write in a certain way? If they accept payments, they should be open about it in my view. Clear sponsorship, etc, is fine.

Twitter has won praise for . Some commentators are saying that it’s about time Twitter showed some personality as a brand. Interesting thought. I think Twitter is quirky and fun as a brand. It is what other people make it.

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