How to attract and retain social media “super-fans”

One of the greatest advantages of a decent social media strategy is having an army of fans who can sing your praises and recommend your products and services to their friends, family and followers.

Unfortunately, not all your fans will become the kind of “super-fan” who can help promote your brand organically. Turning an average fan — who rarely visits or interacts with your page — into a passionate advocate for your products and services isn’t easy. However, there are certain steps you can take to help them transform.

How to gain “super-fans”

  • Interact. The more you interact with your followers (which includes regularly updating, replying to comments and helping fans feel part of a community) the more they’ll revisit your page and keep an eye out for your links. Fans love to give their opinion, so ask for it! Also provide some little insights to your company, whether it be featured employees, a new product, or images from HQ.
  • SEO. SEO isn’t just for blog posts. Your Facebook and Twitter statuses need to be clear, intriguing and must contain suitable keywords. Good SEO ensures you’ll maintain a high level of external and internal traffic and encourage more click-throughs.
  • Create a network. Regularly (without spamming) let your fans know of other places they can find your brand. That way they can promote you over a variety of media outlets to all their different networks.

Overall, you want to create a buzz among your fans, and then retain them with good-quality content. Brands that do this well include restaurant chain , which regularly retweet reviews of Giraffe restaurants, offers Twitter-only deals and chast to tweeters outside the usual 9-5 workday.

Got any tips to add? Let us know how you create Superfans.

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