Bing incorporates Twitter and Facebook updates

Bing – Microsoft’s search engine – has announced that it is to incorporate updates from Twitter and Facebook. This underscores the huge increase in the usage of social media, and the fact that traditional search engines face threats from social networks where people are searching for information.

People are going to Twitter for real-time updates on news, for example, rather than traditional search engines. Google too has announced that is upgrading its search service.

This is going to make it increasingly difficult for traditional SEO campaigns to be effective for companies. Instead they will need social media strategies, and will have to become more immersed in the social web.

One Response to “Bing incorporates Twitter and Facebook updates”

  1. Yogendra Sharma Says:

    It looks is bing is following the same path as Google by starting crawling social media content from twitter and facebook,but doesn’t it feel like an privacy issue. Why anyone like his/her tweets or facebook content to be displayed in some one’s query result page and as content seeker what potential content I will get from your tweets?

    It only looks a competition survival step to me.

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