ITV incorporates social media into news bulletins

Further evidence – if you needed it – of social media becoming increasingly more pervasive. We are going to see broadcasters incorporating social media more into their programmes. This is just the start.

Social media is going to be accessible through more and more platforms.


Watch PepsiCo’s social media monitoring operation

Here’s a YouTube video of how PepsiCo is monitoring what people are saying through social media about its brand.

The company has a control room with banks of screens. It looks like a TV production room. But maybe it’s a glimpse of the future: showing how brands will need to re-organise themselves to keep fully informed about how stories and comments about their campaigns are playing out across the social web.


Sharing links in emails

Is it a good idea to include sharing links to social media in your marketing emails? One would think it couldn’t hurt, yet an email marketing company that recently surveyed its customers reports that only 13% did so. However those that did enoyed significantly higher click-through rates – an average of 30% more.

The number of links provided also has an influence on click through. Most of the icons were for Twitter and Facebook, as one would expect, with MySpace and LinkedIn featuring less strongly, and Digg hardly ever. But whereas messages with just one icon showed an average of under 9% higher click throughs over messages with no icon, those with three or more generated over 28% higher click-throughs than those with one icon, and 55% higher than those with none.

Food for thought. More details here.


Dell update

A newspaper based in Austin, Texas, has done an interesting update on the use of social media by its friendly neighbourhood computer giant, Dell.

After launching a social media and community department four years ago, to manage consumers’ burgeoning use of the Internet, the company now treats social media just as much a part of doing business as conventional advertising, the paper says, using it in all its departments to connect with customers.

Some 3.5 million people communicate with Dell via Twitter, Facebook, Direct2Dell and IdeaStorm, according to the company’s latest statistics, and around 1.5 million customers follow it on Twitter.

Recently it recruited three high-profile social media experts, including Adam Brown, who was previously director of digital communications at Coca-Cola.

Read the article here.