Making technology help people

The vision of the social enterprise is one where both customers and employees are free to communicate more intuitively, across time zones, across abandoned hierarchies, to find and use the information they need, to find the people they need to talk to, when they need to.

It’s about making technology help people reach their goals – to get a job done more efficiently.

At It’s Open we help organisations become social enterprises. Together with you, our client, we define and follow step-by-step roadmaps that suit your company’s unique culture and specific reasons to change.

Sometimes this starts with the commission of a piece of research into a specific problem, like The Future Of Customer Service report we produced for First Direct. Other times it involves getting started with a pilot project, a public facing blog, a new Twitter feed, or an internal collaboration platform, to test the waters and gain valuable experience.

From there our consulting, research or networks always focus on staying true to the culture of your business, but never abandoning the principles we believe lie at the heart of the social enterprise:

Transparency, Authenticity and Accessibility.