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The forum provides its members with unrivaled knowledge on how to handle the changing digital environment


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External and internal facing social media


It’s Open are the founders of the Social Media Leadership Forum, a business network where executives collaborate, learn, share ideas and agree best practice strategies for successfully engaging with social media to improve the performance of their organisations.

We believe that the Social Media Leadership Forum gives our clients unrivalled access to peer-to-peer business knowledge; that this helps them develop their own thinking as well as foster a sense of confidence in the process of introducing major technological and organisational change.

The Social Media Leadership Forum is bringing together leading organisations and thinkers that have an interest in engaging with their stakeholders through social media – from pioneering early adopters of social media to those just beginning to develop their social media strategies.

Our objective is to provide a stimulating open environment for members to share their knowledge and experience, learn from other leading industry players, and network to help each other successfully customise social media strategies and policies for the long term success of the organisations they serve.

Events have included presentations by social media pioneers and leaders Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and Yammer, to name a few, as well as talks by the BBC, The Economist, The Finacial Time and all our member organisations.