Facebook’s population is bigger than Japan, Russia and Nigeria!

facebook-logoFacebook claims that 150 million people globally are now actively using its service.

This staggering statistic underlines the huge appetite people have for social technologies. According to a on their company blog Facebook says that nearly half of this figure use the service every day.

Facebook coverage extends to every continent including Antartica and the company says that if Facebook was a country, it would be the eighth most populated in the world, just ahead of Japan, Russia and Nigeria.

Many marketeers believe that social media is just for young people but Facebook disputes this belief.  People of all ages, parents, grandparents, students and children are using the service, it claims.

With Facebook available in more than 35 different languages, social media surely has become a marketing tool which global organisations cannot ignore. Old fashioned broadcasting of messages is out. It is time to engage with social media and open up to conversations with your customers. But corporations must obviously be careful how they tread in these new environments.

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