What did you Stumbleupon in 2011?

2011 was a pretty busy year. The UK had the Royal Wedding, the USA had the Kardashians and the capture of Bin Laden, and the world lost an inspirational tech leader in Steve Jobs.

But how much influence does world news have on the actions of the average Stumbleupon user? Quite a lot actually. After the awful Tsunami in Japan, Stumbles for Japan rose by 41%. The Royal Wedding inspired a 96% increase in ‘UK’ related stumbles, and the death of Bin Laden resulted in a huge 932% increase in ‘Terrorism’ stumbles. The biggest impact though was the death of Steve Jobs, which led to a 199,500% increase in searches for ‘Steve Jobs’. I wonder how many of those searching did so on an Apple device?

Check out the infographic below for some more stats from Stumbleupon in 2011.