Include your customers in the conversation - the value of reviewing products

Lance Loveday has a thoughtful piece in Search Engine Land on the advantages of letting users rate and review your products.  Everyone, Loveday argues, is desperate to maximise the benefit of social media - think of all those millions of potential customers gathered together in one place - but no-one is quite sure how.

Having attended a presentation by Steve Mulder, he’s a convert to the value of using social media for reviewing and rating products. Mulder convincingly argues that letting users rate and review products can significantly improve sales: products with reviews have 26% higher sales than those without; including reviews has a positive impact on search engine optimisation (SEO).

As Loveday points out, lots of users are cautious about shelling out a large sum of money for a product, and will feel much more confident about doing so if they have read positive reviews first. The only downside, a sceptic might argue, is that you have to really believe in the quality of your own products if you’re going to open them for user review.

You can see Mulder’s presentation here.

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