Got high Klout? Here’s your Spotify invite

Image representing Klout as depicted in CrunchBase

While music-streaming community Spotify has been available to Europe for a while, it’s only recently made the journey across the pond – and it’s already in huge demand. It’s an invitation-only service, so competition is rife to be a Spotify user. Online reputation score site Klout has picked up on this by offering invitations to the service for those with a high enough Klout score.

Klout offers ‘perks’ to those considered to be ‘online influencers’. Any influencers who sign up for Spotify get the honorary title of of ‘U.S Spotify Ambassador’. Additionally, if they get five other people to sign up, they’ll get a month’s free trial on Spotify Premium.

This seems like a great partnership from both sides. Spotify gets maximum exposure in a competitive market, and Klout gets a hike in the number of people using the service. The only downside is that there have been reports of the Klout site crashing thanks to the increase in traffic.

Klout is, at the moment, one of the few sites to be able to put your online influence into numbers. Whether those numbers are accurate remains to be seen.

Do you use Klout to measure your online influence?