Google introduces the Chrome web store

Google announced a new web store based on Chrome last week, which could shake things up considerably in the browser market.

The new web store means Chrome users can add web apps within the browser, for easy access. The range of apps is extensive, and possibly the most exciting addition is a web app for Tweetdeck. With Hootsuite charging for the advanced features of their product, the (currently) free version of Tweetdeck will prove tempting for those that want to use multiple accounts on a web-based application.

Other highlights include , which acts as a sort of Evernote-type app, and , which we should see integrated with ReadItLater, Instapaper, Evernote, Delicious, Dropbox, Google and a few others in the next couple of months.

Like Apple’s iTunes, there is a selection of paid apps to choose from. At the moment it’s mainly games, but no doubt some of the social applications will take on paid options after a certain period of time. Whether users will pay up is another question.

It’s certainly made me — a hardened Firefox addict — reconsider my browser options. The fact that it offers the same apps that I currently use as addons for Firefox makes the decision a little easier. The layout of the apps store is more attractive too.

Would you switch to Chrome or are you sticking with Firefox (or Explorer?)



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