Twitter in schools

children-computersSurprisingly little reaction so far to the news that a government report will recommend that subjects like modern history be downgraded in the primary school curriculum and that children be taught how to use Twitter and Wikipedia for source material.

I have to say, this baffled me. So I checked to see whether it was April 1, and was puzzled to find it wasn’t. As all parents surely know, the one thing children don’t need help with is the use of electronic media. For them it’s as natural as breathing and eating sweets. Next thing, schools will be holding lessons on how to play video games.

It’s easy to mock, and to be fair, this is a leak from a draft of a report commissioned by the Schools Secretary Ed Balls that’s not due to be published until next month, so better wait and see what it really says. But if the powers that be are actively encouraging young children to use social media for source material it’s a powerful indication of just how mainstream it’s becoming.