Social media conference for recruiters

I mentioned recently how social media can help with recruitment. Now a conference on just that topic has been scheduled for mid July to show companies how it can help draw the right candidates.

The event is being organised by, an online specialist. The firm’s founder Mike Taylor believes that despite the interest recruiters are showing in social media they are flummoxed as to how to get started. This will give them plenty of examples of how social media is currently being used in recruitment, and suggest how they can use it in their own organisations.

Speakers – as yet unidentified – will describe how to use social networking  sites such as Facebook to get messages to a target audience. The use of to promote vacancies and source new candidates will be covered, as will , and other job search engines. There will also be separate sessions on the legal issues, and on the use of an online video to promote the company and job vacancies.

The conference is scheduled for July 16 in the British Library, London. More here.