Social marketing – the new search engine optimisation

The internet is full of voices evangelising about the potential of social marketing these days.  One is Todd Malicoat, an internet marketing consultant based in San Francisco.

Malicoat specialises in search-engine optimisation, and thinks that social media is rapidly changing the way that rankings work. Gone are the days when businesses could artificially boost their rankings by buying a whole series of links. Now, he says, you need lots of people coming to your site, staying on it and bookmarking it for later to prove that you deserve to be on top of the search results.

Malicoat concludes:

‘Social media marketing is the grass roots, word of mouth wonder of the web. Social media is building future communication empires at the moment with the likes of facebook, digg, reddit, digg, delicious, as the distribution points for web communication. They are the portals that every dot-bust era strived to be. Social media is separating the old guard from the new, and rewarding those that are quick to embrace the technology.’

In a recent post on his blog Stuntdubl, Malicoat also offers some handy tips for marketers trying to flag up the importance of social media to their colleagues. Read more here.