Google, BBC and FT on future of news panel

Here at ItsOpen we are really looking forward to the forthcoming Social Media Leadership Forum event about the future of news and the impact of social media.

This follows last month’s members-only session with Facebook’s strategy and planning team which was hosted by Shell.

Google, the BBC and The Financial Times are all going to be participating in the forthcoming panel discussion on October 19 (names and more details to follow) which is being kindly hosted by Aviva, who are founder members of the Social Media Leadership Forum. The members-only session looks set to provide lots of interesting insights.

Everyone with a laptop can function as a journalist today but without an editor. How will quality news prosper in a digital data environment? Who will hold the powerful to account? How do businesses get their messages across in a participatory cluttered news culture? How do you reach people who get their news not from newspapers but maybe from an embedded hyperlink in someone’s Twitter feed? Will people still pay for unique value? As newspapers decline where’s the social glue holding society together? These and other questions are going to be addressed.

The Social Media Leadership Forum is run by ItsOpen and is designed to help leading organisations gain insights into today’s fast changing landscape and contemporary challenges. Throughout the year, member companies and industry thought leaders provide briefings which can help to diffuse insights through your enterprise.

If you would like to join the Social Media Leadership Forum to gain exposure to the forthcoming interactive session and other events during the year, please contact Simon Welsh (). This is your opportunity to learn about what works today and what will work tomorrow.