How much does Facebook know about you?

We’re all well aware that Facebook pushes the boundaries somewhat when it comes to privacy and security. In fact, it doesn’t seem like a month has gone by this year without a Facebook privacy data piece hitting the headlines.

But this video shows just how much data is held on each person (mobile users in particular may be unaware how much information Facebook has on their location). According to the video, messages and statuses are kept on file, long after they’ve been deleted. When Facebook provided Max, the man in the video, with his personal data he was shocked to get a CD back with 1222 PDFs. Max has since asked for further information, but Facebook has declined due to ‘confidential business matter.’

In fairness, it’s hardly big news that Facebook know a lot about us. We share so much personal information on Facebook, that sometimes it’s easy to forget that there’s a company behind it.