Barack Obama joins Google+

Want to know when a social media site has attained some level of success? Well, aside from getting millions of sign ups, a big celebrity addition always helps. Up until recently Google+ has been the place for techies and social media ‘gurus’.  Sure, it has Mark Zuckerberg and Lady Gaga, but they’re everywhere anyway.

And then Barack Obama signed up.

Let’s be honest, the president of the United States doesn’t sign up to any old social network. Although with his re-election campaign kicking off, it probably doesn’t hurt to have a wider social media presence, aside from Facebook and Twitter.

Sadly, it seems even the President of the United States can’t set the world of Google+ alight. His first post has only had just over 100 shares.

Perhaps if he started using it several months ago, we’d have seen more of an impact. It’s possible he was waiting for a Google+ page, rather than a profile. It remains to be seen whether this will lead to an improvement as more and more people use Google+ pages.



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