How often should you post on the new Facebook?

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Posting to Facebook isn’t just about posting the right content for your customers and fans. The time you post it is equally important. For example, post at 7am and you’re unlikely to get as many views as a post that goes up at 9am or lunchtime, purely because fewer people will be awake to view it.

Jeff Widman from PageLever recently wrote a piece for Mashable about how often you should post on Facebook, and when to post. Jeff actually places the emphasis on how long your post stays in a news feed. Like many Facebook fanatics, he advises against posting so much that your posts turn up several times in one news feed, as fans will turn off and unlike your page. But posting too little means you risk being missed by fans. The new Facebook pages mean that if fans aren’t interacting with your page, they’ll see your updates less often, so the quality of your content is a consideration too.

But trying to work out how often you should post based on news feed speed creates a problem: it’s pretty much guess-work. You can work out an average, but it really does depend on how many pages and people each fan already follows.

The key to finding out what time is best for your page is to pay attention to your page stats. Try posting at different times throughout each day. Then, check out the impressions and feedback for each post (you’ll find this data just above the like and comment buttons.) You’re aiming to get as many impressions and feedback activities (shares, likes and comments) as possible.

Additionally, you need to monitor the speed of impressions, and when the increase in impressions starts to slow down. If, for example, impressions steadily increase for 24 hours then stop, you know that most posts last a day in the average news feed. Therefore, posting daily is enough for your fans.

Do you have a specific method when it comes to posting on Facebook?

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